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I left my office on the outskirts of Manhattan around 3 PM on a humid Friday afternoon in June . Fortunately the expressways were only clogged instead of completely closed down. The firm I started after leaving the Army had been fortunate in locking in a major international contract earlier that week; I was looking forward to a slight pause between bursts of intense activity to enjoy life before having to commit the next three to six months traveling to the Sultanate of Oman and various other European countries that would provide the services for which I was the Omani middle man. High over the Hudson river on the Tappan Zee Bridge my mind wandered as it often does from work to Eric. His summer had begun only the week before, his sophomore year of high school recently complete. I thought with some consternation what I would do for his 16th birthday. After a few moments of deep though, it struck me with some amusement as that event was still four months away. As usual, two things happened when I began thinking about Eric as I sat encased in the commanding steel heights of the four door Yukon arcing over the bridge; first was the feeling of immense satisfaction that I felt over my love and relationship with the young man that had come into my life only two and a half years ago. Second was the growing erection in my pants. Our interest in sex was mutual, of that I was sure. I reveled in the taboo delights of his teenage male body; he enjoyed the physical and emotional closeness born of our relation and demanded by his already hormone wracked body. Together we explored the width and depth of homosexual intercourse and fetish. The clear image of Eric standing naked before me, legs slightly spread, nipples erect, one hand stroking a hard cock jutting proudly from a bare abdomen made my crotch stir. One of my most earnest fetishes was to have him virtually hairless. I thought back with enjoyment at the night following his last day of school in which once again his young body was laid bare for me. Already he was working on his 100% tan, allowing his smooth hard buttocks and ivory prick to be tanned by the sun in our secluded back yard. This weekend would be his to direct and enjoy, sexual and otherwise, because while he would travel with me to some places, there would be long periods of time when he was going to be basically on his own even when I was in town. He had long ago demonstrated his potential for accepting responsibility; he knew that, in part, our relationship relied on it. Finally around 4:20 I drove through the oaks and maples that encased our home in the Hudson Highlands, already geographically separated from neighbors by about half a mile, the outcrops of steep rock and dense trees completed our isolation. The garage door was open and Eric's bike lay propped up against the jam, probably from an earlier trip to see his friend Mike, 2 miles down the road. I left the truck parked outside and strode quickly through the garage and into the house, loosening my tie and dumping my coat over the sofa. Stopping at the fridge for a drink I wondered where Eric was until I wandered into the living room and looked out through the sliding glass doors overwatching the pool. Eric lay nude on top of a huge towel sunbathing and reading a magazine, his once ivory body already turning a uniform golden tan after a week of sunbathing. I stood there enjoying both my drink and the sight of my boy naked in the afternoon sun. After a moment I opened the sliding doors and walked out to say hello, as I approached Eric looked up and smiled. "You're home early;" he said with a smile, half rolling on his side, yet still propped up on an elbow, his now equally tanned soft cock nestled between cocked legs. "Yeah, I wanted a break. What ya do today?" I asked unbuttoning my shirt and turning to survey the sparkling coolness of the pool. "Messed around most of the morning before I went to Mike's. He's finally got that new Miata his parents promised him; its cool! We went up to the Galleria, mostly so he could show off his car. After a while we both ended up here for a swim." "How did he like your tan? Or did you show him?" I teased as I dumped my shirt on a lounge and sat to remove my shoes and socks. "Ah he knows, cripes he knew last summer... In fact we usually skinny dip when Leonna isn't cleaning. " That made me stop for a second as I considered what else Mike might know. "How does he like your shave job?" I asked referring to his lack of pubic patch. Eric shifted a little uncomfortably, I figured I was getting a little closer than he might want but he answered "He started out teasing the crap out of me... calling me a baby, but now I get the idea he thinks it's actually kinda cool. He's been talking about how sleek it looks, but I think he's chicken to actually do it." "Hmmm" I paused both to think and to admire the Adonis before me; "please be careful. You know the deal." I added as I stood up, messed his hair and pushed him over onto his back with a grin. While Eric sputtered a few protests of being attacked I finished removing my pants and shorts. As he scrambled to his feet, I turned and sprinted the few short strides to the end of the pool where two splashes followed in close sequence. We splashed and dunked each other a few times, chasing each other above and below the water for about ten minutes before I resurfaced, winded, while Eric circled like a shark full of energy. Treading water in the middle of the deep end I asked Eric; "Good mag?" referring to his reading material. "Yeah, it's the latest copy of Wired magazine I got at the Galleria today; more of the social side of computers than the minute details of programming. I spent some of the afternoon after Mike left surfing the Net and talking on AOL. Juri and Takashi sent me some email, that was cool. And I spent some time in a chat room flirting with some dirty old man;" Eric replied closing the distance between us as we drifted to the shallow end until we were face to face. "Who are Juri and Takashi again?" I asked as I closed my arms around his firm body. "Juri's a grad student in Prague and Takashi's a guy my age who lives outside of Tokyo. They're the ones from the student newsgroup remember?" Eric replied as I felt his legs encircle my waist. I could feel the warmth of his body against mine as his ankles locked together behind my back. I helped support his weight with my hands grasping his delightfully muscled buttocks as Eric leaned back and continued to tread water with his arms. "What did the 'dirty old man' want from you?" I asked slowly spinning the both of us around in the cool clear water. "Ha! 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